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  • What if he came up behind her and pinned her against a wall, or held a knife to her throat or a gun to her head. He reached in and grabbed another shirt and a pair of his underwear and hung them on the line.

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  • I figure that if he gave you horse riding lessons, then it would be a good way for you to spend time with him. You see, the only two nurses on the floor was most obliging in helping me locate you.
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  • Startled, Fred turned around and saw Lucas sitting behind his desk in an expensive high back leather chair. You must not get out much if you think I m beautiful.

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  • The mountainous pile of dress and crinolines rose to nearly obscure her head from view. Lord Harlow has sent word--the midwife has been summoned and consulted.
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  • She was going to throw up if she didn t watch it.
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  • He grabbed a can of beer, opened it and took a deep swallow while he continued to nose around.
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  • She had also tried to inhibit any interest Elsa had in him. His breathing deepened, obviously aroused by the sight of her half-naked and bleeding.
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  • Still, that showed them that they d do well to listen to her in the future! Splendid, then, he said, his voice shaky all at once, warbling with uncertainty.
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  • What is the significance of all of this? she asked.
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  • She thanked the Lord that such a fate was not hers. He decided that two could play this game, so he wrote his parents a quick note telling them that if they pulled anything as sneaky and underhanded as that again, he would make it a point to never let them see the grandchildren they were so concerned about having.
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    My mother is going to throw a fit, that is all. Her eyes cut to the doorway to see Mink slipping out of the room.
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  • She felt his palms slide against her throat, and she tried to shrug away from him.
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